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31 January 2021


I'm Jim, the founder of MagicPattern and I have exciting news!

MagicPattern transforms from a pattern editor to a visuals toolbox. 🤯

But what does this even mean? Thanks for asking!

From now on, you'll have access to 7 tools (4 pro and 3 free) instead of one. Cool, right?! Let me introduce you to the new tools:

Geometric Patterns

It's the classic editor for abstract geometric patterns. Choose your favorite shapes from our gallery and/or upload your own ones to form engaging patterns.

Mesh Gradients

Create mesh gradients with warped colors. It's the typical radial or linear gradient. The colors follow random paths to create unique shapes.

Apply multiple filters to adjust colors, brightness, contrast, and the grain effect.

Blob Generator

It's a simple yet powerful blob generator. Customize and create unlimited variations of custom organic blob shapes.

CSS Patterns

It's a tool for developers. We've curated many pure CSS patterns to help you integrate them into your projects. Fine-tune a few parameters, and import them directly to your CSS code.

That's all for now.

Wait for more fun and helpful apps in the near future. My vision, as the founder of MagicPattern, is to help you generate stunning visuals in no time with no design skills.

A small side-note, the pro plan price will raise during February. Now it's a great time to upgrade your account and benefit from the lower price forever.

Cheers 🥂
Jim from MagicPattern